October 2008



I’ve been…..

I’ll get….

I am…

Where I be’z making money and a difference…

Pictured from right to left: Voodoo Rabicoon, R-E-C-Y-C-L-E documentation, a Beyond Cool card with my name on it, my vote, location i can be found during working hours, non-returnables and paper product bins.

this is the kind of love that lasts forevereverz…..when it comes to him, there ain’t no such thing as the foreverneverz….no matter what we’ll always be togetherclever.

.him = finn.
.but i just call him Love.


First Concert
First Year of my Arrival Here on Earth
Pretty Freakin’ Rad
More often than not I find that if I look just a little bit closer….for just a little bit longer….I am rewarded by noticing something truly remarkable….the following are just a few of many documented reminders that it’s the simple things in life that bring the most pleasure….
Raindrops are Falling on my Windshield….

….these H2O droplets reminded me of little trees residing in bits of hot glue that had absolutely no intention of relocating, not that trees ever do….perhaps an itty bitty puppy bird frolics amongst the leaves that don’t exist….

 …Rising Fall…

Autumn. Natures Eye Candy. The leaves turn color without warning….the mist takes over the mornin’s….the air becomes cool and crisp.
When Walking is my Favorite.

American Spirit Dew

i used to smoke….this is an empty pack of American Spirit Menthols which i lazily left outside one evening….i woke up in the morning to find the lone and abandoned pack had morphed into a piece of fantasticness. The cellophane wrapper collected the mornin’s dew….it’s good-to-great that i don’t smoke anymore. it makes me super happy…
😀 <—see.
Smoke Stacksa different part of the same pack of smokes at a different spot on the pack and in a different tone. different and same comin’ together.
Leaf Peepin’
The palette nature paints with is extraordinary. This is a leaf off of a sumac tree at my old house. There are many a tattered leaf out there….all have good stories, indeed.
Rings of Fire.

this is my stove’s burner~ right, front. sometimes when things are too hot i get in the kitchen cause i like to flip it on ya, flip it for real…

Once Upon a Seed
Who hasn’t puffed out a dandelion? I blow on these things like they’re my birthday candles…with all the hope and possibility my breath allows…because possibilities, my friends, are as endless as dandelion seeds…
On Edgei wonder what creature ate through this….and why it chose to skip parts of the green where the holes have formed….this is a mornin’s leaf…notice the frosty dew…


Pint of Paw
….there is nothing like a cold, frothy beer….this just so happens to be Drop Top…not my first choice, but thirst quenching nonetheless. Since we are in the season of my most favorite seasonal i’d like to give a shout out to the Jubileale. Yum. Thank you for being so delicious.

Black Rainbow

Speaking of favorites…..Black Rainbow just so happens to be my favorite color, save C-thru….and this pic above is of my most favorite pair of my most favorite thing….fingerless gloves….

To Conclude: I have an affinity for dots and stripes and other things i’m not going to mention…specially up close…


Everyone needs a little exploration in their lives…albeit internal or external…
there is nothing like a good Search Party …
as of late the party just don’t stop in my hood…
So…Mine brain thunk it a good idear to do sum’in differn…
i want to remember. i want to invite possibility, fresh ideas, transformation, and good pure fun to my Party.

In my world book = blog.
That being said…Blog on Blogger…Blog on…