December 2008


gung hay fat choy

“Best wishes and Congratulations. Have a prosperous and good year.”

I used to always be late…but now that we are coming into 2009 that is no longer the case. I am now an early birdy.

Merry New Year.

I hope you smile. A lot.

“A revolution is a struggle between the past and the future.”

~Fidel Castro

As I’ve said before, this past year has been one of rediscovery and refinement. I’ve come to realize that incorporating discipline and patience will lead me that much closer to my end goal ~ to be happy~ with myself.

The following are more than a few self-portraits.

All Taken by, and of, my Outsides. All Represent my In.

eye-n-ieyeni-311eyeni-26eyeni-23eyeni-36eyeni-25love1eyeni-22eyeni-24eye-n-i-5eyeni-21eyeni-19eyeni-17eyeni-3eye-n-i-3eyeni-16eyeni-9He is Myeyeni-28eyeni-11eyeni-15eyeni-13eyeni-12eyeni-35eye-n-i-6eyeni-10eyeni-7eye-n-i-2eyeni-18eyeni-6eyeni-20eyeni-5eyeni-27eyeni-8eyeni-2eyeni-32eyeni-14eyeni-33eyeni-34eyeni-38eyeni-37eyeni-4



” Order is repetition of units. Chaos is multiplicity without rhythm.”

~M.C. Escher


I prefer chaos.

this is my first Digital SLR…until now I’ve only had 2 other p&s (point and shoot) cameras…they were great cameras, for sure….but i’ve been ready to move on for quite some time…i’ve done  a bit of research and decided to stick with Canon. My last p&s was a Canon s5is…so i’m used to the way Canon’s handle…this camera wasn’t my 1st choice, but i can’t afford my first choice…as for comparing this to the Canon 40d and 50d, which are slightly more expensive, it seems like the best deal was to pay a bit less for the body and put the extra money toward a lens…..

all in all, I went with the Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi….and i do believe that i’ve already fallen in love…

if only i could type a smile. a really, really big one….a really, really big and real one…

until blogging emoticon technologies advance…this will have to suffice –> :D……. 😀 :D.. 😀

i’m looking forward to us working together.


it’s pretty apparent that birds, and those who travel by plane,  have the best views…


 New York View of Stars…

New York StarsNew York StarsNew York Stars

Oregons Stars are in the Sky….

Oregon EyesOregon Eyes



State of the Empire….



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