inspired by a social networking thingy-ma-bobber…

  1. i staple a lot at work. more than a person should staple. i’m also a 3-hole puncher.
  2. i have a voodoo doll and i’m not sure if it works because i don’t try to use it…currently, it’s face is facing the wall.
  3. i think whoever was the first to convert paper into a plane is brilliant.
  4. if you want to make me smile sprinkle some truffle salt on my green beans….
  5. if i created a world it would smell like pink jasmine and stargazers….
  6. the #5 has great significance to my life…but i don’t claim it as my lucky number…rather i choose 6
  7. i won $8,000 playing Keno once….well….one of my best friends and i did…our #’s were 3, 5, 17, 25, 44
  8. Random satisfies my soul….
  9. i never have owned, that i recall, a rubber ducky…but i could be wrong. and if i am…and i did…i lost it.
  10. i believe blurry to be just as lovely as clear….sometimes more so…
  11. if i met an elephant in real life i would cry……
  12. i wish i could throw happiness at people…
  13. one day i will write a Children’s book….but in my book Children will be Munchkins.
  14. I will dedicate my Munchkin book to all the Munchkins in the world. My dedication page will read: For all the Munchkins in the world.
  15. i have a cyclops bat that smiles.
  16. I don’t have a favorite season…’s impossible for me to decide.
  17. i met my first newborn baby today. it blew my mind. blew. my. mind. i will be a great mom if i ever have a Munchkin. i know it.
  18. i don’t sleep much. i’m undecided on if it’s because i can’t, or don’t want to…..
  19. my Munchkin book will have butterflutters, bumblebuzz’s n’ chitterbirds…
  20. NYE of 2009 i got a ride home from a cop rollin’ a code 3 (wheeew, wheeew)…there were no cabs. i wasn’t afraid to ask and he was nice enough to say yes.
  21. it feels like a firework is going off in my back at least thrice a day because i don’t sit ergonomically correct….
  22. when i was 22 i met Finn.
  23. i strongly believe we need more Tom Robbins and Dr. Seuss’ in the world…
  24. i’ll never stop hugging.
  25. when i pick up the Willamette Week the first two things I read are my Horoscope and Chance Meeting…when i worked at the Raptor Center in Eugene someone wrote into the Eugene Weekly that they saw a lady with a turkey vulture in her car….it was a woman on the Ed team that was transporting a bird to an event. if someone wrote a chance meeting about me i prolly wouldn’t reply….unless it was Tom Robbins or Dr. Seuss.
  26. i will never give up hope. neverever.
  27. in my Munchkin book there will be a land called Neverever…where Nevereverz live….and they feed off of dots… lots. and lots of dots……………: :: : :: ::: :: :

27.5.   i love the in betweens.