“I’m always making a comeback, but nobody ever tells me where I’ve been.”
~Billie Holiday

n705238597_1121304_4051        finn-sneer

Inspired by Finn:

I begin my days with a solid Good Mornin’…..then the rest creeps in….

…just like a heat wave……without warnin’~


My Pup.
Sunrise Skies.
Rising Up.

Sound of the Sun.
Touch of the Sky.
Taste of the Rain.
Rush of a High.

Rhythm n’ Music.
Passion n’ Dance.
Mental Vacations.
Enhancin’ Romance.

The Oregon Wild.
Flora n’ Fauna.
My Inner Child.
The Calm of a Sauna.

Ninjas n’ Kung Fu.
Hikes n’ High Fives.
Tofu n’ Pad Se Ew.
Honey n’ Hives.

Cartwheels n’ Handstands.
Beerz n’ Wines.
Lights Out String band.
Creating Good Times.

Sushi n’ Seaweed.
Earrings that Dangle.
Mad Libs n’ Board Games.
Approaching all Angles.

Bohemian Wishes.
The Crazy Beautiful.
Fortune Cookies n’ Fiesta Dishes.
Turning Halves into Whole.

Love. Possibility.
The Eyes n’ the Smile.
Simplicity. Versatility.
Makin’ Moments Worthwhile.

Banjos n’ Fiddles.
Straw Bale n’ Cob.
Drums n’ Riddles.
Lovin’ the Job.

Laughter. The Mind.
Absorbing Your Being.
Kind Souls Intertwined.
Creating Esteem.

Reunions n’ Unions.
Beginnings Never-ending.
Knowing Your Roots.
Never Ever Offending.

Singin’ in the Shower.
Hooting Like an Owl.
Sniffin’ the Flowers.
A Freshly Warshed Towel.

Black n’ White Photos.
Sepia Tone.
Rollin’ with Random.
But Do ‘When in Rome’.

Two Shots of Happy.
One Shot of Sad.
Making the Most.
Me Mum n’ Me Dad.

Cool Kids n’ Coaches.
Receiving Snail Mail.
Enthusiastic Approaches.
a Whimsical Tale.

Flee the Fly n’ Flying Squirrels.
Beluga Whales n’ Porcupines.
All the Chairs that Allow a Twirl.
All the Ties that Find their Bind.

My Family n’ Friends.
Doing What’s Right.
Warm Thoughts of Chicken….
Livin’ the Life.



6 Responses to “.Aboot Moi.”

  1. Linda Lou Says:

    You are a cracker…what a fun blog…pictures are the best.

  2. Mum Says:

    How does this one work???????????????????

  3. brittilini Says:

    I don’t believe I understand the question…

    I guess…Click on stuff. You’ll find your way around…


  4. Cathie Gunn Says:

    I love the blog! It is so much fun to see you have so much fun! Go to it!

  5. Trav Says:

    Wow…inspiring stuff!

    Such a talented girl/there’s no end


  6. Mum Says:

    Miss you mis Brittney, what happened to your updates????????????

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