My Loves

more real than Evander Holyfield…



….so much…..


Years ago, I received a very large, oversized book in the mail from my very, very dear friend Becky called Country Living. This book was what began many adventures for me. From gourd crafting to raising chickens~it provided the ideas and i simply brought them to life. We had a solid relationship (by ‘we’ i’m referring to the book and myself)
In 2005 I became extremely bored. With few friends around, and a dog that that’s favorite thing to do was sleep, I needed to fill my void…with fun. One thing led to another, as one things do, and the next thing I knew I was at the feed store picking out 10 baby chicks: 5 sex link (brown) and 5 auracana, also known as Easter Egg Hens (variety).
Auracana Chick. Miss Freaka.
I kicked it with these ladies religiously. I was working from home at this point and needed an outlet. Any chance I could get I would be outside in my chair just watching them go about their daily pecking and preening duties. Each one had their own unique personality. I enjoyed them very much. They inspired me. I don’t expect anyone to understand how chickens can inspire someone, but I have proof that it’s possible. I’m just not to that part yet, you’ll see….
The Chicks and the Black Headed Cock, as Pullets (equivalent to teenagers) *Note: the white girl is Chicken. Yes, that is her name 😉
 Fun fact: Brown Chickens lay Brown Eggs. White Chickens lay White Eggs (save Chicken cause she be an Auracana). Auracanas lay Colored Eggs (an enzyme in their liver colors the outer shells).
 My First Egg. You would’ve thunk I layed this myself for how happy it made me.
 Raptora. She ain’t shy. I shoulda named her Curious cause she werez.
 They Dance. I believe this is the chicken version of salsa…
Eeerbody has their favorites. These are mines. Chicken (white) and Friend, a.k.a. Pickle, (brown). Sexy lil legs…I love these two. Forever I love them.
For some reason….unbeknown to me….the universe has a wicked way of keeping me and this lil lady right here at a distance…
I miss her terribly, all too often.
Sometimes, we keep up….other times we catch up…and for the times we can’t keep up, or days go by so fast we can’t even catch up, I use this as my screensaver and pretend we are somewhere else farz away….where the big existential questions about life don’t exist…the complexities of relationships are null and void….we don’t got money on the mind or mind on the money….it’s a bright and sun shiny day and there we be….doing how we do…
oh, and i throw in the thought that I just said something cleverly funny…hence the smirk.


we’re going on an adventure to New York in a few weeks…prolly won’t be sunshine or sand…but i guarantee good times…it always is.




this is the kind of love that lasts forevereverz…..when it comes to him, there ain’t no such thing as the foreverneverz….no matter what we’ll always be togetherclever.

.him = finn.
.but i just call him Love.