Photo~Graphing ~ Munchkins

..ain’t she a beauty?….



… his little Prince Palace….


there’s somethin’ bout the 50’s era that has me wanting to pay a visit. so i did. i went back to 1952 ¬†and called my pops to let him know that Luke from down the street says hello.


apparently, neither does she…..



….one of my all time favorite quotes:

Show me a day when the world wasn’t new.”

~Sister Barbara Hance

Meet Emersyn Love.

she is new to the world. she is seeing and tasting and hearing and absorbing in a way i will never know….however, she’s reminded me that i can do the same if i just pay better attention.

funny, how we forget that brand new feeling so quickly. why can’t everyday feel brand new? especially because it is….

I’d like to thank little lady Love for reminding me of this…..cause now that i remember i’m smiling. and boy, do i love to smile….