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i had the pleasure of meeting Miss Seeley. She is, without a doubt, as lovely as she sounds…





High in the Sky….

3 little Birds

                                      Low in the Hills….

Slanted Sky

                                                            Down on the Ground….

Teton Tree

                                                                                                                          Mostly on Wheels……


From Tulum I moved over to Playa Del Carmen for a few days….

I happened upon this restaurant when walking through town….


there was a sign selling 2 for the price of 1 drinks….I ordered pina coladas…I am under the impression I got suckered…


but…it was worth it…the walls were painted with love…and you just don’t get wall love anymore these days….


There is another bar down the strip that had rope swings…I went there in the evening…the bartender was a professional rat napkin maker (his hand/arm is located by the tip of my rat’s tail)…you take the lime and put it underneath the napkin (in its belly, if you will) and roll it down the table. It is AWESOME. A group of women came in and I slid it down there way…they all screamed…yes, AWESOME. I have yet to find someone in the States that have the skills to replicate my rat.



A couple last shots of Tulum…







During my stay, I was fortunate enough to visit the Mayan Ruins, Chichen Itza, in Quintana Roo….

It was hot as hell….no joke….There were moments I thought I was going to die from heat exhaustian, but after I entered the Ruins I was so overly consumed with everything else going on my mind forgot how to feel the heat…

Iguanas were EVERYWHERE….the structures….the location….the colors…the trees….everything about it was enchanting…the Mayans sure did pick a sweet spot to build their empire… 




Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza



Tulum is amazing…I’ve been to Mexico several times, but all the places I had visited until this trip had been big on tourism….Tulum is on a different level than Puerto Villarta, Matzalan, Cabo, etc….it gets its fair share of traffic, but on a way smaller scale. It is peaceful…quiet…simply put, it radiates wonderful.

There was a local breakfast spot near enough where I was staying to call it a good walk away….and by good walk, I mean perty…. 

This was the walkway that led to the road from mi casa…


 View from the road nearing the restaurant…


A house that screamed “Live Here!!” across from la playa…


The #1 reason I fell in love with the place (not in love enough to remember the name tho…)


Colors upon colors upon colors…!


….until I flipped the switch….



I’ve been sitting here all day, torturing my brain to reveal its ideas for the the upcoming holiday…its been through brutality and back and still it chooses not to reveal a hint of its underground operation to me….

I am a firm believer in the concept, ‘if something isn’t working, try something different’….I am also a firm believer that in order to successfully bring joy to yourself you need to live within your morals and values…

So…rather than continuing to shred through my thoughts to find their hidden ultimate ‘holiday gift guide’, I decided to download a 30-day trial photo editing program, Corel Paint Shop Pro. Currently, all I use is Google’s free program, Picasa…

Since I have, once again, lived within my ‘code’ I have, once again, brought joy to myself. I’ve also come to realize I am seriously missing out on some incredible opportunities to thrill the inner me by getting a better editing program…

Todanight (To-da-night: Today/night) I have spent hours upon hours going back to the 60’s…..flipping the color switch on and off….all while melody-in’ myself with some fantastic music and watching my pup mosey back and forth through my tiny apartment to find a spot that will make the kink in his neck go away.

The following are a few pix I took last year in Tulum, MX (located in the Yucatan Peninsula)….This particular day I had gone to a nearby Cenote to take a swim and these kids were there.

The two boys insisted upon falling into the water, getting out…then repeating the cycle over and over. They made my day. They were so happy over something so simple….as it should be….







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