so hot right now….



tryin’ to let in a fresh breeze is all….

Eye n I


today, i was walkin’ home and i just so happened to walk right into these bad boys….

if these boots could write a book….

the book would be as thick as a waffle and as juicy as some fresh strawrberries on top….it’d have the kind of syrup that comes from a place only cowboys and girls can dream up….

toss a bitta butter and bacon on the side and i’m ready to kick on the shitters and click my heels all the way to the breakfast nook….

throw in a cup o’ joe and you’ve got yourself a nobel prize Wranglers.

.yee straw.


Shade Clothing has partnered with United Way and is heading a fundraiser called “The Bright Side” – 50% of the proceeds go to helping families in need.

I was asked to take some super casual, fun shots for the launch and this one is, hands down, my favorite….


We went to the Rebuilding Center off of Mississippi Ave in PDX (which everyone and their momma needs to know about this place if you don’t already!!!!! it is a GOLD MINE!!!)

below is the Bright Side’s recipe….I own a few of the shirts and I can attest – they are quality…check em out!


i wished i may. i wished i might.

….and now i’m beginning to take my flight….


oh, yes. you do.

i’m so in love.

…..so in love with you…..


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